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/ won-der-luhst /


a strong desire or lust for wandering,

the wish to travel about and explore far off lands and new adventures.


Wanderlust Boards was founded by Luiza Holland in August 2020 as a creative outlet during the pandemic. Traveling, experiencing different cultures and trying new foods and flavors has always been her passion and once all passports were grounded, she saw it as an opportunity to share it with the community in the Triad. 


Although charcuterie is a major part of the business, Wanderlust Boards specializes on all things boards and prides itself on the variety offered while maintaining a high level of service and the freshest ingredients. We are here to help you wow your guests for any occasion you may be hosting - a date night, workshop  or large grazing tables!


Our business is insured, certified and licensed by the NCDHHS and NCDA and we operate out of a commercial kitchen at Sonder Mind & Body. We would love to be a part of your private or corporate event.  

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